The Agency Of Change

Craft Killer Strategies


We create meaningful marketing programs for our clients based on audience insights and analysis of user needs. The result is a clear, cohesive strategy that implements creative ideas across all channels. Our job is to make sure your presence is felt so that we can enable new behaviour while overflowing revenue streams.
Our social media gurus will manage, market and monitor the word on the street while representing your best interests. Let us plunge tirelessly in to the fray to make sure your good name is spread across the land, so that you can focus on the bigger picture. Don't worry, our staff is always on hand with a fridge full of energy drinks to serve you round the clock.
Don’t have a publicist or a PR department? Let us manage your reputation online. The anonymity of the internet allows anyone with an opinion to share it. Our crack team of PIs will stake out the darkest corners of the internet to find who is saying what about you and then our fixers will you know...fix it
We will write, shoot and edit your ideas into engaging content while our energy drink junkies find the influencers that will introduce your content with the masses. This is how grassroots marketing meets guerrilla marketing.
Organic Rankings, PPC. A comprehensive approach to search is essential to the performance of any digital business. We work with our clients to create search-aware organizations, ensure web properties are optimized for search, and create content that maximizes traffic and drives desired outcomes.
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, 4sq, Instagram, Pinterest. Guerrilla Inc connects brands with consumers by building communities, reaching influencers, and developing exceptional, user-centric content. Our expertise stretches from social business strategy to content development, community management, application builds, and API integration.
Blogs, Social Media, Forums, Comments. Many customers, employers and people searching for information on a person or place use the Internet, and unfortunately, perception is often reality. Guerrilla Inc will monitor what everyone and anyone is saying about you online. Don't let the mocking birds get the best of your and your business.
Blogs, News, Copy, Video, Infographics. Digital properties depend on exceptional content to be valuable to their users. Guerrilla Inc creates the video, photography, animation, and editorial content required for vibrant digital communication and ensures it reaches its target audiences through search, syndication, and promotion.